Computer Repair Services

computer repair

Is your computer running slow or acting unresponsive and sluggish? Does your computer take forever to start up and get on the internet? Are you bothered by Spyware & Viruses on your system? Don’t worry, here at Clean Planet Repair, we have a solution for all your computer problems. You are in good hands, as our technicians are CompTIA A+ and CCNA certified.

No Fix - No Fee!
Computer Services Provided:
  • PC/Mac Computer Repair
  • Laptop and Desktop Diagnostic and Repair
  • Computer Tune-Up and Software Installation
  • Virus/Spyware Removal
  • New Computer Setup and Wireless Networking
  • Data Backup and Recovery
  • Hardware Upgrades/Installations/Repairs
Also Offering Computer Disposal:
  • Recycle Computers: If you are upgrading to the newer computer then you can drop your old computer here at our location for no charges with the exception of CRT monitors.
  • Data Security: If you want to dispose of your old computer, but are worried about the data that may be on the hard drive, we charge $25.00 to wipe a hard drive to DOD specs.
  • Laptops: We can take old laptops without charging you for disposal. Working or non-working.